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  • BLOCK DRAFTS EFFECTIVELY – High-quality door draft stopper made from industry-grade silicone with exceptionally strong adhesive. Our door sweep for the bottom of doors puts an end to all draft problems, cold air, and dust (for exterior doors and indoors). Size: 2” W x 39” L
  • SAVE MONEY AND ENERGY – Our bottom door seal blocks thermal bridges effectively. This under door seal perfectly blocks both cold air and heat transfer, keeping your home comfortable and saving you money on energy expenses.
  • INSTALLS IN UNDER 1 MINUTE – To install our door draft stopper just clean the door surface, pull back the adhesive strip, and attach the door sweeper for bottom of door to the lower door. As needed, any protruding door seal can be simply trimmed away. Fast and easy!
  • PERFECT FOR ANY SURFACE – Our special exceptionally strong adhesive works on any surface. It offers a rock-solid grip. Our door weatherstripping can be easily removed without damaging your door if needed. Weatherstrip made for outdoor and indoor use.
  • REDUCE AMBIENT NOISES – Thanks to its thick 3d chambers, our door gap filler insulation strip brings in the added bonus of reducing sounds and external noise. Say goodbye to unwanted sounds and embrace a more peaceful home environment.