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If you have products you believe will be a good fit for CieloMax.com we would love to hear from you. Please contact Al Footnick, President and General Manager, Al@CieloMax.com

Please let us know the following information:

• What products would you like to offer on CieloMax.com? Multiple products are welcome.
• Do you drop ship from your location? If not, where do you warehouse products? (zip code needed)
• Are Shipping and Handling costs included in your price? If not, what are the costs for S+H?
• What is your product guarantee and return policies?
CieloMax.com will be working on consignment. What is your suggested retail price and your wholesale price for each item?
• How many SKUs do you have on any particular item that you would like to sell on CieloMax.com?
• In addition to any still photos, do you also have a video that presents and demonstrates your products?
• Key to a successful sale is a list of product benefits. Please provide. We will also need a list of product benefits and features that will be on CieloMax.com