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Fabric type100% Cotton
Care instructions Washable in cold water, hang dry.
Origin Imported
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About this item
Vibrant Mexican Elegance: Experience Mexico’s vibrant culture with the Aqua Traditional Girls Puebla Dress adorned with multicolored floral embroidery with different designs.
Skilled Artistry: Handcrafted in Mexico, this embroidered dress boasts impeccable craftsmanship. The intricate embroidery on this 100% cotton reflects the dedication of artisans preserving tradition.
Versatile Fiesta Attire: From fiestas to cultural gatherings, these mexican dresses offer both comfort and style. The refreshing aqua hue brings a sense of vibrancy to any occasion.
Easy Care: To keep these puebla dresses in excellent condition, Simply wash in cold water and hang dry to keep this Aqua Traditional Girls Puebla Dress looking its best.
Authenticity: Encourage cultural appreciation and create memories as your child stands out in genuine style. These Traditional Girls Puebla Dresses are made in different regions of Mexico.