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  • [Portable Butane Torch Lighter] The creme brulee torch is portable, ravs cooking torch baking tools are made of quality metal material, which is more sturdy than plastic butane torches on the market. With an ergonomic design handle, the micro torch offers a great grip and stays cool.
  • [Refillable and Easy to Use ] Piezo press ignition of the mini torch provides immediate and fast ignition and allows one-handed operation. The wide copper base of the food torch provides great support and anti-tipping. ➡ NOTE: The soldering torch usually takes 15 seconds for full refilling (8-11g). Please ensure to turn off the flow regulation before filling the gas.
  • [Multi-purpose Butane Torch Lighters ] The handheld torch is suitable for different applications including gourmet cooking, arts and crafts projects, jewelry making, and small welding applications. The kitchen butane torch is easy to use.
  • [Dual Flame Mode ] The butane torch gun has a precise flame that can heat items faster. The 2 flame modes of the kitchen torch can be switched at will(Turn the flame mode knob to switch). Turn the flame adjustment knob to adjust and control the size of the flame to meet different heating needs.
  • [ 2-year Warranty] If you’re worried about whether this culinary torch is right for you. ravs welding torch comes with a 2-year warranty!
  • [ Great Gift ] The ravs butane torch lighter is a good gift for men and women, parents, and friends. The kitchen torch lighter for creme brulee comes with a gift box. The brulee torch is great for men’s gifts, husband gifts, and gifts for boyfriend.
  • Note: 1. For safe shipping butane gas isn’t included. 2. When using and storing, please avoid heavy collisions and drops. 3. The functions of the 3pcs butane gas adapter: A. Inflatable: For a gas tank with a short nozzle for an extension. B. Deflate: Before filling again, release the gas in the lighter to better extend the service life of the lighter and torch. C. If the gas in the torch is not pure enough, you need to use this tool to remove the gas from the torch. Once re-gassed, you will have a blue flame torch.